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The EonMatrix Book Series by ColmilloSombra The EonMatrix Book Series by ColmilloSombra
Sat down, tried to think of something to do. Day before Christmas Eve…drank about six or seven sodas and ate just about an entire box of brownies to top it off.

And there she is after my mind raced for about three hours (later)- the chronology timeline of my stories! Who’d a guessed I had this much stuff?! When and if I ever mentioned ‘I have back stories’ this is the full extent of what I meant.

I have $&#%@ back stories like crazy. All the way back to when ColmilloSombra was first created. As well as Noir leading up to the main stories. Anyway, I do suppose you’d be curious as to the ‘plot’ of each, as somewhere along the lines of me being on DA, I’ve mentioned some (not all) of them in some form or another- but not entirely (OR) thoroughly thought out or their storylines thus changed dramatically from then to now. Regardless, I’ll do my best to keep it short and sweet- knowing me that won’t happen HURRR.


THE EON-MATRIX Chronology Chart



The very beginning of the ‘before’ of Eon-Matrix, the universe of which the eventual main series takes place; this universe begins at another world’s demise, the previous existence of whomever isn’t ever fully explained as well, no one really knows. Being that said, the birth of the new universe is called ‘Threads’, when an entity from the previous world’s ‘conscience’ is also born. It’s not a soul, nor a god. Isn’t alive but isn’t dead either. It just is, as it forms itself into a ‘being’. This ‘being’ rapidly undergoes a transformation of self awareness as the surrounding universe beings to reform into another series of creations from the debris of previous beings.

The scene skips a few billion years, where the being from before has become something like a deity to the creatures that roam the young planets of the Threads Universe. It calls itself Ishnalla, ‘One of the Whole’. Ishnalla teaches the young species of the three planets its secrets and what it knows of the outside ‘space’ is. Though still early in their evolutionary stages, the young species of the three planets are quick to learn despite their instincts of savagery and survival. In the beginning, each of these three planets was composed of extremely different climates. The first was of rough terrain and sand, volcanoes and brutally hot waters. Only the fittest and strongest could live here. Little survived the extreme weather, as it was closest to the suns of the young Threads universe. The second was warm, but not deathly by far. Dense clots of trees and muddy rivers swarmed the planet. At the tips of the north and south, were severe climates of cold, while in the middle were hot. Many things were able to grow here, as well as varying species. The third was a cold, mountainous planet. Hash winters and scathing weather gave way to hundreds of ice ages, killing many species off when they had just began to adapt to the planet’s climate before. However, this planet had survived from the previous destruction of the unknown universe beforehand, yet was scorched until just a heap of ash. Yet it was able to recover over the billions of years that allowed each the planets to grow and mature.

So simply put, Threads is a book about the origins of the Eon-Matrix and the rise of the three main species on each of the planets. The Yuu’Somra, the Vida (aka Urotuka), and the Weethhulla. A lot of illustrations as well, diagrams that sort of thing.



Matrix is when the three planets of Threads begin to build their own beliefs and civilizations and push away from Ishnalla’s teachings. They begin to question their purposes, as well as create intelligent discussions of teaching and learning. They are the first generation of the species that first evolved from before-hand, that begin to depend on their own. As each species varies greatly from the other, each develops a train of thought that also equips its living environments with different kinds of lore and religion. Yuu’Somra believe in one God, which descended from the skies ad built large triangular buildings to honor the sun. Their way of life is geared toward the sun, believing it to be a god that is to be worshipped, and prayed to. Yuu’Somra live a harsh, short lived life in the wastelands of their planet. They come to call it Prolo, ‘Shard of Red Jewel’. They treasure the jewels of this planet, finding that they grow deep within where it is cool and much more survivable below. So they begin to build giant cities below the planet’s surface, but still worshipping the sun, thanking ‘it’ for allowing them to live while still being loyal to it.

On the second planet, Siikon, the sky is tinted red with trees of flesh and bird-like entities. Flightless, they become more of a ground based religion. Their views become based on the nature of the world, in place of a god ruling their lives. They study how to control the flow of the planets power and use the land as their home, as well as honoring the spirits of those around them that they use for their own needs. They isolate themselves and become very closed off to the world, becoming a very secretive race and something out of a legend as other species develop around them, cannot seem to learn anything about them save for sparse rumors about their whereabouts or sacred beliefs of life, death and rebirth. Though they do worship the three planetary bodies, the two suns and ‘moon-like’ planet that revolve around them. They call them ‘Mother, Father,’ and the small moon ‘Rulia’, or Entwine.

The last major planet is called Irotuyaa.

It is the farthest away, being such, it is a stark planet with little vegetation or life. It is however, much bigger compared to the other two planets, but amongst the oldest of them all, being the last surviving planet of the previous planets of Threads. At one time it had been much livelier, but recently it became a very mysterious world, closed off from the rest of the other planets. Those who do live on this planet are called Weethhulla, the last remaining species that had managed to be saved from the destruction of the previous universe; they are extremely intelligent, which gives them a chip on the shoulder when it comes to dealing with ‘lower forms’ of intelligence. They have an agnostic type of belief- they do not worship any known deities, in place, they follow the ‘echoes’ from the planet’s ‘core’.

These so-called-echoes are believed to come from a great being that resides inside the planet, allowing the world they live on to survive. At one time, this being was thought to be the ruler of the skies, but sacrificed itself to the un-being (not Ishnalla but yet was Ishnalla at the same time) of Ishnalla, to protect the planet of Irotuyaa from the devastating blast from the ungodly powerful like explosion from the previous universe, that gave birth to the Threads universe. It’s thought this massive explosion came from a distant star that ‘died’ and exploded, giving birth to the twin suns in threads, Tro’Uguul, ‘Spirit’ and Sluu’Irohi, ‘Soul’. One of the smallest planets in this universe is called Opopouya, which means ‘Body’. It’s very small and not even mentioned in the main series, but has importance in the other back stories. Being closest to both of these suns, no life exists here; only extreme high temperatures and lethal phosphoric gases. It’s considered to be a small moon by some.

So, the being from lore in Irotuyaa, is called Ishrucunalla, ‘FeatherKing’, and is considered a ‘deity’ but not worshipped as the other planet’s people do. Believing that their ‘king’ is a mortal with great powers, they consider the planets of Prolo and Siikon to have beliefs of weak wills and poor tastes in whom to trust their fates with; the people of Irotuyaa are extremely devoted to their ‘king’ and yet they wish to control their own lives, where they think the ‘gods’ of the other worlds amble around, causing trouble to those foolish enough to entrust themselves to their will.

When the other two planets begin to develop ways to travel to and forth amongst their neighboring planets, they find Irotuyaa is vastly superior to them, and very strict in terms of their ‘religion’ and laws of freedom and speech. Clashes of faith begin to flare warning signs of war amongst Prolo and Irotuyaa, leaving Siikon stuck in the middle, unable to choose whom they would follow into battle, should it happen.



Is where tensions of war begin to snap, and civil wars cause great unrest on Irotuyaa. Black markets and the slave trade also become popular on all three planets, forcing lesser species to do their master’s foul work. The gods on the planets become digested with their people, and they to become involved in the civil wars of their own worlds; the first succumbing to war being Prolo.

Irotuyaa declares war on Prolo; Irotuyaa sends over three hundred drones to Prolo and blows half of the continent of Joiklarkta off the map. This being one of the Yuu’Somra’s most heavily religious places on their world begins a tactic to fight back using their sun god’s power to fight back. Even though unable to physically leave their homeworld, a creature known as ‘Trotkkia’ aka ‘Scarlet’ assembles a series of powerful individuals of whom she chooses to take down the invaders. Meanwhile, the people of Yuu’Somra are a disjointed race, unable to fight back as they have always tried to maintain a balanced relation with anyone and everyone. Also, they do not know how to forge weapons or fight, as this was never part of their religion nor did they have any major predators they had to defend against as they lived most of their lives underground.

Only when Trotkkia taught the people of Prolo how to fight and stand their ground, did they begin to bring bloodshed to the field as well, finding that with their large bodies and powerful mindsets they could push back the enemy with little effort.

However, Siikon was determined to remain neutral, despite rising awareness of paranoia and the black market slaves sold between the two planets at war with one another. After only fifty years of fighting, the people of Prolo had amassed enough weapons, technology and slaves to attack Irotuyaa from space and begin the ground attack on that planet in their war. The reason for the war seemed to be forgotten, and the root of hatred seemed to stem into a vast rotten net of blood and death. All the while, Siikon still acts ignorant as they choose not to get ‘involved’ yet they turn a blind eye onto their inner issues, being that their own people are being sold as soldiers and slaves for the mindless war that is on going around them.

Siikon eventually falls into an economic drop out when they’re unable to sell out anymore products or people do to their land being used, too, as a battle field. The only creatures known left to have any true potential in supporting the planet are the Urotuka (you-ROE-tuck-tah), also known as the Vida. The Urotuka are arrogant about helping, their strict guidelines of moral conduct even more binding than that of Irotuyaa. Only when a child of one of the lowest clans of Vida is abducted, does the Vida allow Siikon to become part of the war. The Vida are very much like the life force and beating heart of the planet, they are quite literally the closest creatures to their deities on any of the planets; this is because they were created by their ‘Wise Ones’, and did not evolve into their current state, like the others did.

And so, The Pre-Great War begins. Prolo and Siikon align with one another, the Yuu’Somra restoring the planet’s ravaged areas as well as fending off their foes from Irotuyaa, dieing for them as well. However, it doesn’t become a Universal War, until the death of Eona- the leader of the Yuu’Somra. She initially tried to align the three planets under one religion, which encompassed all the deities of the planets. However, when Eona is killed saving an enemy solider from Irotuyaa, she is granted a place amongst the gods of Prolo. The solider whose life she saved later on becomes an important character that leads to Faolon Jagger’s existence and survival.


Downfall of the Yuu’Somra…

Like stated, when Eona is killed, the backbone of the Yuu’Somra race is lost and their armies and people can no longer fight. Having no one able to direct them, and their allies of Siikon under even more dire situations, surrender to Irotuyaa. For a short span of ten years, all during the time Siikon and Irotuyaa still combat amongst one another, the Yuu’Somra are forced into concentration camps and used to make weapons for the war. Many die during this ten year span, from brutal executions to senseless murder from experimentation and cruel death from starvation.

The few gods of Prolo at this point can do little, as a treaty of non-interference is made between the mortals of Irotuyaa and the planet’s people. But fate has not forsaken them yet, as Eona knows of a way to save her people from the grips of extinction and abuse. To strengthen the will of her people, she orders that two towers be built each on both landmasses of Prolo (there are two main continents). One will be ‘Ttutl’Gnkoc’, Heavenly Light, and ‘Ttul’Urokala’, Kingdom of Mortals. This is to allow the peoples of mortal being to mingle with the gods and vice-versa. To do this, the gods of Prolo begin a quest to find mortals willing to become deities and build the towers to bring down Irotuyaa’s forces on Prolo. United, the two towers will become known as ‘HighOath’.

The Yuu’Somra of the sun god, meanwhile, takes great lengths of faith by entrusting their lives to these ‘alien’ gods. The faith of their previous entity, the sun, is practically ‘dead’ by this point. Many of the old timers who don’t accept this, are shunned by their own people and eventually captured by the invaders and killed regardless. The idea that if their people ware ‘masks’ to hide their identity becomes known, the Yuu’Somra come to use masks in order to confuse the Irotuyaa soldiers. As they are ‘programmed’ to scan the faces of the Yuu’Somra, the mask confuses the drone and thus making it unable to comprehend the difference between a comrade or foe. This leads to the drones fighting one another, unable to recognize who is suppose to die or being treated which way what. The Yuu’Somra take advantage of this and begin to fight back, and in about ten years time with less and less deaths amongst their people, they are able to finally push Irotuyaa’s forces back just when the two towers of Mortals and Deities are completed.

For the final push, and the completion of the towers, both mortal and deities join forces and force out Irotuyaa in an epic last struggle, finally ridding the parasitic drones out of their world.

Siikon destroying the last armadas and stragglers of Irotuyaa’s once massive armies, the toll taken on the planet of Irotuyaa had nearly destroyed themselves trying to fight back at home as well as the outside threats. They slink into a dark age of repression and remain out of mind for many years to come.

About 7,000 years pass during this time of peace between the three planets of Threads; it’s renamed ‘The Eon-Matrix’ shortly after, discarding any evidence of Ishnalla existing from there on out.


The Great Planetary Wars…
The Spiral Rebellion…

The rebellion consists of the people of Zibbintiti, the sister continent of Joiklarkta, and the new gods of Prolo. It also leaks into Siikon, but isn’t considered a huge deal due to the peace treaty all three planets signed in order to maintain peace for future generations to come. This lasts for about thirty years.

The struggle between the gods and mortals is the acceptance of a new language; Spanish and English. Odd scriptures have found their way onto the planet, books from some other world the gods determine. For some reason Scarlet becomes fascinated with them, and demands that in order to become even more powerful they should learn the odd thing’s language. Civil war over the controversial topic is stirred, the scars of what Irotuyaa did to them thirty years ago, still raw in many of their memories.

Though when another mortal-creature dares defy Scarlet with a powerful reminder of the ancient teachings of Ishnalla, does Scarlet ease up on the sudden changing of speech. Being a young god, she becomes ashamed of herself for such a selfish, and outrageous act of foolery. She wishes for the mysterious youth for his advice on what to do, and he boldly claims that the people need to take hold of their fate, and not have to be hoarded around like a bunch of ‘animals’, as he referred to the odd word the book had in it, as he flipped through it looking at the words. Scarlet grew furious at the thought of being treated like a lower life form and destroyed the books that had mysteriously appeared on the planet. A short investigation took place afterwards, to seek out the reason for their appearance. No trails of its origins were found…

Thus, the gods adopted Spanish names themselves, and allowed the freedom of whatever ‘speech’ their people wished to use. Only the Yuu’Somra of Zibbintiti put up a stronghold against this, saying that outsiders could easily destroy what they had managed to rebuild and not to trust them. It was understandable, not to mention the fact that they still kept the tradition of wearing masks in their new found religion.


The Stark Civil War…

The record for this event is one of the most confusing, as no actual event markers can really determine when this began or ended. Its known that at the end of the repression that many skirmishes broke out amongst the people of the planet of Irotuyaa; restless and irate at losing the war, their industries for making their lively hoods were permanently shut down under the oath of the peace treaty, they had nothing to live on nor to do. All they knew how to do was to build machines. Their world was war torn and they had no way to fund a restoration project, so their cities laid in ruin and poverty was better than being rich, as at least you wouldn’t get killed for being poor…or less likely that is.

Corrupt individuals systematically attempted to rise themselves to the top only to be cut down by another even more corrupted person. It became a living hell for those of the once bustling cities; those in the parts of the mountainous areas lived off of what they could, which was little due to the severe cold and unleashed weapons that had yet to go off. The once great mountains that the people of Irotuyaa were so proud off resembled a giant crater now, filled with shallow graves for dead bodies and bi-products from weapon making.

Only when three hundred years later had passed and the three Sacred Treasures had been forged, did the people of Irotuyaa finally begin to recover from the war. These treasures had been the oath of peace amongst the planets. For as long as it took to make each one, none of the planets or their inhabitants could communicate with one another; no weapon making nor advancement in technology was allowed. Only the restoration of each planet using whatever materials available was allowed. Alas this restriction was constantly broken, those caught doing so were subjected to treason and typically executed or given as a sacrifice to a foul-tempered demi-god.

The Zenith Medallion, The Asterisk-Key, and The Ring of the Feather King were forged after a three-hundred year long attempt to create three objects of unequaled power but when brought together by their chosen holders, and when the Final War came, would they be able to put an end to the war that would be the end of all wars!

Thus ended the peace treaty and the treaty of Non-Aggressional Action and Communications took effect. This was like a carbon copy of the previous treaty, save for no restrictions on the previous listed items. Only that each planet be as independent as possible with as little interaction as possible.

When Irotuyaa received it’s treasure, the people of the planet instantly became reenergized. The cities were seemingly rebuilt within days and the corrupted became so heavily snuffed out that it seemed that the poor became richer than the most powerful being; their own king. Ishrucunalla was aware of the fact this was happening, and felt that his people no longer needed him due to it. The very idea that he had protected the people from utter destruction those billions of years ago, only to be repaid in blood, made him sick with grievance. But he knew that he could never return to the surface, nor allow himself to leave the core- he was the heart of the planet, if he left, everyone would die due to his own selfish act.

Infusing the remaining part of his soul into the ring, he engraved the sacred treasure with his eternal words of wisdom; alas, he couldn’t resist making it into a riddle. Unaware that he was putting the entire universe into the fate of one small object, he discarded the ring into space, followed by a mysterious creature he assigned to guard it with its entire life and being. To destroy anyone or thing that dared to obtain its power, as it could only lead to more death and devastation…in the wrong hands. He allowed his people to think the ring was still in their possession long after his order to send the ring off into space. However, if one day someone could restore balance not only to his soul and planet, than they could save the entire universe of Eon-Matrix from becoming a distant memory that no one bothered to ever recognize.



Tells the story of a young denizen of Irotuyaa and her experiences after the end of the war into being a chosen scientist to develop the sacred treasure of Irotuyaa. She also talks about how she met a very strange man, whom she was told was called ‘Jagger’. She relays on how each person was from a different planet. But the fourth, the man, was brought in for a reason not told to her and two other partners.

One is from Prolo (now Joya).

One is from Siikon (now Espiral-Belleza)

One from Irotuyaa, that being Jaunter.

And one was, the man, from Earth.

Its actually like a short story, Jaunter leading the story through her own eyes and what she is doing/thinking that sort of thing. It’ll be another one that’ll have a lot of illustrations and such.



Tells the origins of Faolon Jagger’s ancestors and how he came to be. Another short story and illustrations. X3 Can’t say anymore about this one!



Tells how Eona and Anthony became engaged and had Faolon Jagger. Again is mainly illustrations and short stories.


The FeatherKing’s Heir…

This’ll be a compile of illustrations for RE. Bound art, creatures etc. Short stories the like, not really a full fledged novel or anything. Progression of my art and writing throughout the series leading up to RE.Bound etc.



Sort of a side story that doesn’t do much with the main storyline of RE.Bound, it’s actually the name of a spaceship that Gauntlet uses to pilfer goods and ransack villages. She’s a space pirate for serious, intergalactic war criminal, and she’s wanted for just about everything imaginable. She owns a series of underground bars where Faolon lives, mainly because she knows that Faolon’s father was with Eona, through her various networking intelligence-gathering henchmen. Gauntlet is actually one of the first criminals Faolon is after in the three part series of RE. Bound, so you see quite a bit about her in the previous volumes too. But mainly in Undersky, it tells how she became a criminal, searching for the legendary treasure of the FeatherKing.


Vendetta of Gauntlet…

Continues fifty years later, when Faolon is just seventeen years old. She is still after the ring, now trying to track down Faolon’s father, who took off when Faolon was fifteen. Gauntlet is mainly trying to locate Anthony Jagger to wring information out about the ring from him, and possibly use Faolon as a hostage if need be. Some of her ring of thugs are actually kids she pays at Faolon’s school, bullying him and making his life a living hell daily to try and break him. Though indirectly, this makes Faolon extremely resilient as he grows older, to the point of absolute ignorance at times.


So there is a second part of it, quite a haul really! The one with ‘Noir’ on it.

Noir is basically the God’s Story, of how the gods came to be and such. Though, some of you already know this is an ‘alternate’ dimension accessible through Espiral, this is somewhat of a ‘before-the-before’ story; this leaps through the events that lead into the main series. They are disjointed at times and unless one reads the main timeline first, they’d be pretty confused and flustered.

But alas, Noir is still a young series and is NOWHERE near being ready for display on DA folks. Though long ago, I had posted a picture of Drifter, for those of you who remember him. I may doodle him up again sometime, so you’ll never quite know when I’ll drew some of the Noir characters! 83 Plus…I wish to…maybe collaborate with a certain ‘someone’ if she’s ever interested in it… TEEHEE.

(you know who you are…)


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